Student review YTT November 2018

The Golden Flow YTT Immersion challenged me to extend myself and to dig deep to push though some of my personal fears, frustrations and difficulties.  I have been slowly healing from adrenal fatigue and I stepped outside of my comfort zone by taking on this training, giving a number of tools I can use in my day-to-day life.   

This foundational Hatha training was informative, systematic and inspiring, giving the bones to take this in any direction. The teachers taught a range of styles, both traditional and modern. I found it helpful learning about their individual paths of how they got where they are today with their passion for sharing yoga with others. At times it was like complete ‘information overload’, but that’s part of it and what sinks in is what is most important.

Aeven’s teaching knowledge is extensive, fun and practical. She was successful in blending everything together.  And the people…. The people are what makes it for sure. I was extremely lucky to share my experience with 14 students from across the globe :o).  An awesome bunch that gelled together so well!  I felt blessed to be staying in Pohara close to the beach and nature. Going for walks to the beach created space for the information to process and integrate.

Thanks Aeven and the team!  My gratitude goes out to Aeven, the teachers, my fellow students and for having such a supportive environment to grow in.        

Stephanie Chung

Aeven Kelly