Golden Flow yoga teacher training highly recommended

I thoroughly recommend Golden Flow Yoga Teacher training. I chose this training because I have a young children and can’t stay away from home for long, so an intensive training was really the only viable option for me at this stage in my life. And I am so glad I made this choice. Not only was it viable time wise but also financially and practically, not having to organise accommodation and having one nutritious meal provided every day. It was so great to be able to live on the grounds where we also where taught. The Sandcastle is such a beautiful, perfect spot for a yoga teacher training – it literally can’t get much better than this – only a 5 minute walk to the beach with a sauna and the best, most nutritious, delicious caterer around for dinners. The dinners were a highlight every day – probably every mother who has to cook every day at home would appreciate them as much as I did. The schedule and the lessons were fantastic. The teacher training was well rounded and got way deeper than I thought. The journey was well guided by Aeven and the other teachers and I really appreciated the beautiful community of other students from all over the world. It was lovely to make new bonds, share our ideas, get advice, start teaching, establishing a regular practice, be inspired every day. On my last day at the airport I can literally say that my cup felt full for the first time in 10 years (mothering is busy....) I felt relaxed, energised and just REALLY good and my body and soul felt nourished, despite a 6.30am-9pm schedule every day. I miss the daily gatherings and togetherness of other likeminded souls. And although I was nervous getting out in the real world and starting to teach I felt like I had enough knowledge on board to make a start on my journey as a yoga teacher. I will always hold this teacher training in a special place in my heart, the bond with the other students, the insights gained, the layers shed, the old stuff left behind, the new inspirations in my pocket... A huge thank you to my teachers and fellow students. I feel so blessed and grateful to have been able to experience this.
Silke Whittaker, Hawkes Bay

Aeven Kelly