Yoga Teacher Training in  Golden Bay and Nelson

Come and practice yoga in paradise!  

The region has so much to offer.

Top of the South Island is one of New Zealand's most diverse and appealing holiday destinations. A region with endless variety, where golden beaches, alpine valleys and tranquil fishing rivers share a close proximity with the sea. Golden Bay and Nelson are incredible for a yoga destination and multi purpose holiday. 

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When you sign up for Golden Flow Yoga teacher training, you’re signing up for more than a teacher training—more than yoga itself. You’re signing up for an experience that includes movement, nourishment, discussion, meditation, music, fun, reflection and community. You’ll be treated to various forms of yoga—both invigorating and rejuvenating, thought-provoking conversation, delicious meals, and inspiring lessons in philosophy, ecology, anatomy, and nutrition. Be sure to bring an open mind and some curiosity. Get ready for the time of your life!

*** ATTENTION GUYS *** Golden Flow Yoga are celebrating our sixth training and we are offering INCREDIBLE SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES for males on our April 200hr training led by Brendon Sakey, Aeven Kelly and guests, in Golden Bay. 
The first to book your place on the training will receive a 50% discount! YES, that's a half price quality Yoga teacher training!
The second to book your place will receive a 30% discount, and the third booking will receive a 10% discount.

Email for all the course information and to apply

Tribe Mentor Retreat

September 28th & 29th 2019 @ KimiOra Eco Resort

I am super *** bleeping *** over the moon excited to bring you this invitation to a weekend retreat workshop to go next level in our personal and business yoga teaching development!

Let's get together as community and yoga warriors, and support, motivate & inspire each other to shine our lights and have abundance and growth in our development in the yoga teaching realms!

Join me at the lush KimiOra Eco Resort in Kaiteriteri for a juicy download and interactive sharing of tools and tips to set your yoga teaching experience on fire (the good sparky kind 😉).

Overnight Retreat accommodation available or Sunday day workshop option!

Aswell as the session topics and epic learning there is space for some well deserved RnR in the spa/sauna facilities, 2 yoga classes guided by me beach strolls, dining, sleep ins, massage options and general catch ups and fun.

I have learnt soooo much in 15yrs on this yoga path as a yogi, yoga teacher, studio manager, retreat and workshop facilitator and YTT visionary and facilitator and i wish to share and offer you some wisdom (I've done it all, made all the mistakes and excelled). I still have endless learning to do!

As well as my offering i will welcome you to bring your wisdom so we can share and learn and grow in lots of brainstorming together..... It takes a tribe!!!

This course is Yoga Alliance certified and YACEP counts as 20 continuing education points!


Creating Abundance
- Exploring money and abundance beliefs and issues
- Brainstorming financial avenues
- Abundance manifestation techniques
- Practical pathway paving

Backstage process
Procedure set up for ease of admin and accounting

Unique offering
Staying in alignment with your Dharma
- Exploring your unique offering and nailing it!
- How to stand out from the crowd
- Reach and speak to your tribe for community and students
Self reflection to boost forwards
- Exploring negative and positive personal patterns
- Mapping and moving into progress
- Reflection of the learnings and growth on our path

Visibility and credibility
How to show up in your practice and business
- Avenues to share yourself and your offerings

Self care
- Checking in on our Tapas (right efforts and actions)
- Resonating Dharma
- Self care practices and techniques
- Sthira and Sukham of our daily life and within business to have balance and ease

Authentic and productive marketing and promotion
- Authentic online and offline marketing and promotion in line with your Satya (truth)
- Snappy social media
- Extending into the interwebs for virtual reach

Kia Ora, 

I’m Aeven Kelly, visionary & founder of Golden Flow Yoga. I welcome you to join us for a lifechanging experience and to share Yoga together. In my teaching I use my practical knowledge, intuition and a lot of experience to best serve the class and individual, offering a unique and well rounded experience. I am an advocate of the saying 'teach people not asanas' in which my personalized teaching offerings benefit each individual. Breath, body and spirit come together In a holistic approach to asana. With my roots in Iyengar practice I have a focus on alignment and fundamental integrity within the bio-mechanics of the physical form, and then involve the Prana flow and more energetic and spiritual yogic principles to create a holistic and well rounded transmission. I invite and encourage students to listen to their own needs and practice accordingly. I love interesting and playful shapes and sequences to keep the sessions fun and interactive.

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Those who live passionately teach us how to love, those who love passionately teach us how to live - Yogananda


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- Sthira sukham asanam-
Practice yoga and move through life with the balance of steadiness, strength and determination with softness, surrender and ease, 
weaving movement, breath and spirit in a state of grace.

— Patanjali

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